"When one's words are no better than silence, one should keep silent."

                                                                                                                                                                                            -- Kung Fu, the television series.

Since 2005, I proposed a simple Idea and plan to do something about our society, economy, and government, by peacefully uniting in an equally-owned national cooperative economic network. I believed that 20+ million people, with more than $2 billion dollars of economic leverage, could share power to solve community and individual problems and create opportunities. My 2005 book, The New Revolutionary War: An American Firefighter’s Dream to Help Save Humanity, explained the plan. I still believe in the plan, but I no longer believe in my ability to convince enough people to try it.

The book text is free to read or download here . The paperback version may still be available through the Chicago Public Library but I have discontinued my publishing contract so the book isn't available through online retailers.